Blofeld ADS1DS2R envelope bug?

4 Jahre 8 Monate her #1 von tomatoKetchup
Hi guys,

I think there's a bug regarding envelopes when on ADS1DS2R mode. I'd like you to confirm that you can reproduce it on your own modules to make sure it's not my unit's software that's faulty (I've the latest firmware version 1.24 by the way).

Start from an INIT patch
Set let's say Env 3 to ADS1DS2R mode with the following setting:
Attack 0
Attack level 0
Decay 90
Sustain 127
Decay2 90
Sustain2 0
Release 0

Now in the Mod Matrix, link Env 3 to Osc global pitch (it's the most obvious way to test out the envelope behaviour from a listening point of view) at +50 amount.

Now hold a note from a moment, and you should hear the pitch going progressively up then after a few seconds, down.
Now set the Decay 1 to 91 instead of 90.
Play the note again: the pitch goes up but never goes down (on my unit anyway)

For any value of Decay 1 of 91 or more, the DS2 stage is never triggered automatically. As a matter of fact, if you change the Sustain 1 parameter while the note is held, it triggers the DS2 stage.

Does the same behavior occurs to you too?

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4 Jahre 7 Monate her #2 von GeräuscheMacht
Ja das ist bei meinen auch so,
nur scheint es egal zu sein welche Einstellungen man sonst vornimmt,
nur Decay größer als 90 scheint eine Rolle zu spielen.

Das ist ja witzig! ;-)

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