reverb cuts out when adjusting settings, crackles when adjusting delay settings

3 Jahre 5 Monate her #1 von Pete Kreff
Hi everyone, I've had my Blofeld for about two weeks, running 1.25 firmware. When adjusting reverb settings on a fairly simple patch (2 oscillators, standard amp and filter envelope, looping 3rd envelope, 1 LFO), the reverb completely cuts out for a while when I'm turning the knobs for various parameters like Space and Diffusion. When I changed the reverb to a simple delay, I could hear crackles when I changed the delay Time. (Changing the Mix amount does not cause the crackling sound.)

Is this normal or do I have a dodgy unit?
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3 Jahre 4 Monate her #2 von Big Gnome
I'm away from my unit at the moment, but that sounds pretty typical to me. Delay lines are often not interpolated as an efficiency measure, which would comport with the crackles adjusting the delay time. Reverbs are typically complex feedback networks, and I'm guessing the delay lines are zeroed out when changing certain settings to prevent the effect from "exploding" when they're adjusted. This is just conjecture of course, but I suspect that's just how they're designed and not anything faulty about your unit or necessarily a bug per se.

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3 Jahre 4 Monate her - 3 Jahre 4 Monate her #3 von enki
the blofeld has a too short DSP, the internal sampling sequence is very high and generates some problems, very similar to the buffer of a low-end PC running 24 bits 96hk'zs, that's why you do not have to do a reverberation. It tells you sounds like sparks and weird things..

That's why the DSP (cpu of the blofeld) is very devil and not be better than the operating system and programming for this, you have to use the limitations to not make it hang. that does not mean that we can do much music with the synthesizer, it is the most powerful synthesizer on the market below 1000 and 500 euros, a great source of design for sound. I am happy to use this synthesizer as a direct instrument, as a drum machine, as a laboratory for the synthesis of su btractive, wave table and sample-based, everyone will see what the waldorf blofeld is for, it is a very serious VA, waldorf blofeld is not a rompler, and it has very little aliasing, its sound is spectacular.

user tip: the phaser is unusable I use the flanger instead because it is almost the same effect.

The "phaser" effect causes the machine to hang with firmware 1.25 and in unison all the voices are seen in multi mode, the synthesizer is great, but you have to use it in moderation, you can not abuse it much.

even so, I use my keyboard with 16 samples in multi mode and do not usually have problems, the most serious problems are with the FX processes with the DSP.

It seems that Waldorf will not solve this problem of new product understand fon failures.
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